Request for Database Modification ( Form: CRDB01 )

Fill in this form if you are requesting a change made to your company database. These will inlcude the deletion of amendment to the existing database.
Please note that this service will be charged at and hourly basis. See below for details.

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Terms and Conditions

The change that will be performed to the database is a manual process.By submitting this request,
you give our technical staff authority to make changes to your company data. We do not take any
responsibility for any unforseen results that may occur. In cases where unforseen results occurred as
a result of the requested change, we will not be liable for any damages or loss of time in recovering
the data. Unless prior agreement has been made with ClickPOS, the requested change will incur a rate of
AU$145 per hour (includes Australian GST); minimum 1 hour.
You will ONLY receive a written quote prior to commencement where the task is planned to exceed one hour.
By submitting this request the minimum charge will be incurred once the task is completed.


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