The Supplier Alliance’s primary function is fill the missing link between the supplier and the retailer by offering visibility of all participating suppliers product catalog within ClickPOS. The retailer will simply tick the products they want, and add to their own catalogue. Benefit to retailer will be to avoid lengthy process of adding new product lines, and the ability to sell items even if itsnot in your catalogue. 

To enable this new and exciting feature you need to fill out the Retailer Application Form.

To find out how it works in ClickPOS, click here for Supplier Alliance User Guide.

If the supplier you trade with is not in the list below, we encourage you to invite them to join the alliance. Click here to Invite Suppliers you trade with.

Current participating suppliers are

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Help and other documents


Help on Accepting stock for CMI order

Supplier Name : CMI Accessories Pty Ltd
Name to use in ClickPOS in Maintain Supplier: CMI Accessories

Suppliers of mobile phone accessories

Once you create an order on CMI website, you can use the barcodes from the email on CMI order to add those items in ClickPOS Purchase Orders page. If item does not exist in Product catalogue, order page will find and provide a one click option to add the item into Prod Catalogue, saving hours of manually adding new product lines.



Supplier Name : FORCE Technology
Name to use in ClickPOS in Maintain Supplier: Force
Date joined : Sept 2012
Market: Suppliers of mobile phone accessories


Application form & VSO Terms and Conditions.pdf

Help-Stock-Incoming Stock from TelstraClocVSO.pdf

Supplier Name : Brightstar Australia
Name to use in ClickPOS in Maintain Supplier: Telstra CLOC
(Telstra dealers only)

Suppliers of mobile handsets to Telstra dealers in Australia.
Vendor Suggested Ordering allows you to Create an order from Order Express, and a file is automatically sent to ClickPOS's incoming stock. Read Help doco for more info.




Supplier Name :  EPay Australia
Name to use in ClickPOS in Maintain Supplier: EPay

Suppliers of mobile recharge cards.

Epay WebPos Application form