ClickPOS EFTPOS Integration
Card payment tendering is easier than ever. ClickPOS provides seamless integration to processing debit and Credit cards, via secure web interface. Overnight deposit to any major bank account offering extremely competitive merchant banking rates.

EFTPOS integration includes Credit cards & debit cards. No need for extra telephone line, this Eftpos connects via internet. Can be used as mobile EFTPOS for on the road representatives.

Our service providers

To have eftpos integration in ClickPOS, your bank will refer you to the following eftpos integrators. This means we have two sources to provide the integrated eftpos.
We have been accredited with the following providers to offer you high tech solution for your business

    Westpac Presto Smart
Seamlessly connects the Eftpos terminal to ClickPOS
Fast and secure payment gateway, take payments anywhere in store, Simply and easy reconciliation, great for hospitality and retail businesses.

Register your interest at Westpac >

  Tyro - Provides EFTPOS services using latest IP based Eftpos.
This feature empowers you with a mobile EFTPOS terminal within your store.

more info at tyro website

Payment Express
Currently provides BWA, ANZ and BOQ banks in Australia.  Supports many banks in New Zealand, UK, USA and Canada.
Payment Express provides competitive rates, If you already have an existing Merchant facility, then provide your 3 of your past merchant statements to get you the best rates

Fees: ClickPOS fee of $12 per month chargeable.
Application Form : Application form for Payment Express
Website :


PC Eftpos Provides the following banks and pinpads in Australia
Westpac, ANZ, CBA, NAB, Suncorp, St. George, Travellers, Bendigo Bank

Please note that pinpad required needs to be a USB connection to PC. ClickPOS fee of $12 per month chargeable.

Application for PC-EFTPOS.
Please copy and paste the following details and email to