We encourage you to make contact with all your suppliers to join the Alliance.

Please copy the email below and send to your supplier and CC
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Dear   {Enter supplier name}

We use ClickPOS as our point of sale system. ClickPOS has developed a new  feature called Supplier Alliance which will allow us to view and add your products within ClickPOS.
We would like to see your products in this Supplier Alliance as well.
Could you please contact ClickPOS to discuss this new function.

Here is a link to ClickPOS's website and application form
SUPPLIER APPLICATION FORM   (www.clickpos.com -> Add-Ons -> Supplier Alliance -> Supplier Application Form)
Or Telephone +61 3 90925300  or email sales@clickpos.com

Suppliers company name [                    ]
Contact name                   [                    ]
Telephone number           [                    ]


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