Specific to :
Telstra dealers and licensees

Dear Telstra Dealer / Licensee

We would like to congratulate you on your new venture into the telecommunications industry, or if you own an existing outlet then you have taken right step into improving your business process. Over the years, many Telstra licensees have converted to using ClickPOS because we built a solid reputation within the retail industry. Our clients have come to us because our systems are hassle free, we provide professional support and committed to providing the best possible service.

Our difference is that, our product is web based, in turn is extremely cost effective. Our support and telephone training is included in your small monthly fee, so you can request support as often as you wish. All upgrades and Tariff plan updates are performed automatically. The hosted systems include automatic backup, secondary backup sites so you receive uninterrupted services.  Below is a list of clients who provided positive feedback on all aspects of our service and have recommended us to other dealers.

ClickPOS Pty Ltd provides its Australian designed software called "ClickPOS" to the telecommunications retail industry.
We offer our web based software for you to manage your retail operation, as well extend our service to the Telstra dealerships, by offering "The Alliance" program.  

The Alliance's main objective is to deliver a premium service to its current clients that are licensed to sell Telstra products who are using the ClickPOS retail management system.
The Alliance has a primary focus to offer a solution to its members who share a common interest in centralising tasks, contributing ideas to improve business processes and ultimately, improve efficiency and reduce costs, hence streamlining current business practices.

On 18 Jan 2010 an official agreement was signed between Telstra and ClickPOS that recognises our our service to the telecommunications retail industry, specifically T[life], Telstra Licensed Shops, Corporate dealers, and resellers of Telstra products.
 Why you should consider ClickPOS system to manage retail point of sale. 
There are many reasons why ClickPOS should be your choice. Systems primary function is to 
 operate as a Point of Sale, invoicing system, 
 includes Purchase orders, Stock inventory control, 
 captures customer details and includes many reporting functionality.
 Staff timesheets

But the features that are specific to the Telecommunications industry is where the system is so unique. These include 
 IMEI tracking, 
 Tariff Plan structure that caters for all your remuneration calculation, Sell a combination of handsets and plans, 
 Sales representative commissions, 
 Customer details and CRM to follow up all customers coming off contracts
 Repairs module that tracks your handset returns,  

The Telstra specific modifications.
Over the years we tailored the systems core functionality to suit Telstra operational structure. Here are some features.

 when making sales, you can identify if the customer is in the final 3 month contract period. 

 Sell MRO plans with ease.

 Accounts persons can quickly Reconcile all revenue from carrier.

The Telstra Alliance : If you take the option of receiving Tariff Plan updates, you will automatically receive updates on all new handsets, plans and your remunerations on rebates and commissions. Being part of the Alliance allows access to our team of professionals that can support you. Please read the Terms and conditions for The Alliance. By taking the Alliance on board, you have agreed to the terms and conditions of use.

 For any plans or handsets that you may stock and require to add to your existing Tariff structure, we have provided Request for Plan Template Change  form. Just submit your request.
What you need to take clickpos on board.
New Telstra shop Existing shop converting to ClickPOS

Apart from providing software to manage your retail store, we can help in many ways, including provide point of sale hardware, Eftpos solution, CRM integration, Financial systems integration to MYOB.

ClickPOS software and licences
1st licence is compulsory, we recommend a minimum 3 user licences. You can change the number of licences each month.
Be a part of The alliance program, where you will receive regular remuneration structure and updates, directly integrated to your ClickPOS database.
Recommended POS hardware
3x Epson docket printers
3x Cashdrawers
3x Barcode scanners
1x Cordless scanner for stock room.

We have many clients that have moved away from their existing software to ClickPOS for many reasons. We have high reputation in providing excellent service and support. The ClickPOS systems have been designed using the latest products on the market. See comment below from a range of Telstra licensees. 

ClickPOS software and licences
The number of licences depends on your existing structure. You basically need to consider the maximum number of users at any given time. 
You may increase or decrease licences every month. 
POS hardware
Your existing POS hardware may be compatible. Please check your docket printer is an Epson T88 range.
Importing your existing data.
If you are currently using Signature software and would like to keep your data, we can easily import the Customer, Handset plan sales straight into ClickPOS.
How much notice do we need.
We appreciate plenty of notice however, depending on what services you require.
    ClickPOS system setup- 2 days notice.
    If you want data imported, add 3 days
    Integrated EFTPOS terminals - require 3 weeks notice
    for POS hardware - 1 week
    for Financial integration - 1 weeks notice

Your training is mostly over the phone and you may opt to have one of our trainers attend your store over several days to provide sales reps training. Telephone training is included, however onsite visit will incur travel and daily rates. 
Going forward with system and deliverables
 It takes no longer than 1 day to get the system up and start your training. All you need to do is
1. Submit an application form located on the main page under "
Application Forms".
2. Submit an order form for your pos hardware requirements, located under "
Product Catalogue"
3. We will email you an invoice, for Store Setup fee and hardware you ordered.
4. You make payment for the items
5. We build your database and notify you, the database will include current Plan Template and other standard products.
6. Start administrative training. One of our trainers will contact you soon after database access is built.
7. Set a date for on site training for your sales team or training your administrator over telephone.

If you have any queries please email
help@clickpos.com or sales@clickpos.com  
 2010 - ClickPOS is officially recognised by Telstra, who provide invaluable resources to service you better.
 2009 - ClickPOS is a Silver sponsor of the TLS association at the Telstra 2009 convention. 
 2009 - ClickPOS is recognised by Telstra accounts department and provide the latest MYOB/Quickbooks Accounting Chart of accounts for Telstra licensees.
What our clients said about us.

Tim Tocco - Telstra Shop Helensvale

A first class Saas POS Solution. Ease of use / multiwarehouse capability  / Reporting / Regular seamless upgrades


James Pheils - TLS  East Maitland Glendale & TBChunter     

Web access and ease of use                                           


Kristen Challen - T[life] Grafton





User friendly, easy access wherever you are, as you access it via a web page. Great support when I’ve needed it with price very affordable.


Traci Neil - WestCoast Sec.

The support we get from Justin is fantastic whether its just a question or a problem he has an answer for everything 


Hannah Watts-Thomas  - TLS Lake Haven  

 Always available – no charge for support – issues are fixed instantly and personally – pricing is realistic


Wendy McKenzie - TLS Darwin



... The team are always ready to accept our input on how the system should function.  They are exceptional in providing fixes for day to day issues and listen and action our enquiries on improvements to the system.  We have always found them to be adaptable to suite the changes that occur on a regular basis.    The whole package has not only been cost effective but we feel that our patronage is valued and that we are all working together towards a common goal. That goal is to have a Pos system that not only is easy to use from a management prospective but from a user perspective as well for our Retail staff.