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Established in 1993, ClickPOS Pty Ltd is a computer software house, developing specific software and management tools. We have adapted the latest software in the computer industry, to bring you specialised software to cater for key markets, cellular, apparel and general retail point of sale systems. Since 1993, we have developed and support dozens of tailored software.


Sales of ClickPOS software
    - From the time you submit your application, within a matter of 24 hours you can start using software ClickPOS.
Support and upgrades
    - Support and upgrades are included in your monthly service fees.
User training
    - System includes online video tutorials, within a few hours you can start using the system.
    - Our professional staff will ensure you are a 100% confident on using the system and its features.
Consulting and analysis
    - We can tailor design specific requirements for your business 
Software development
    - We design and develop the system inhouse so there are no boundries unlike off the shelve packaged products
Application and data hosting
    - We host ClickPOS at state of the art facilities, so your data and application is available globally 24/7.
Co-Location services
    - Most of our clients host their systems on our servers, however you may host your own systems inhouse, or we can provide co-location of your servers. 

We specialise in internet based software, which has opened new and exciting avenues. We provide software to small and large organizations, and are the leading provider for cellular retail outlets and corporate telecommunications carriers.

You can be assured we have taken all possible steps to ensure your databases and application is serviced and maintained at highest levels.
Providing unparalleled fibre optic speed connection, using top of the range server hardware and database by Microsoft SQL server.


ClickPOS servers hosted at state-of-the-art facilities which include
24/7 security, 100MB data speeds, backup generators, UPS