ClickPOS is used in a variety of food industry to handle orders from counter and table orders.

Hospitality industry specific

ClickPOS offers order taking from counter as well as table orders. The orders are automatically displayed on the bump screen at its destination of multiple points, that is the kitchen, barista  station or bar for drink orders. The orders can also be complimented by a docket print out.
All products are entered into system via the product catalog that can be a stock or non-stock item.

   Quick sale speed buttons
   Bump screen for order display at one or more stations
   Docket printing for orders and receipts
   Booking and reservation
   Table orders using a wi-fi device
   Inventory items
   EFTPOS integration
   Xero accounting integration
   POS hardware 
   Full telephone / email training and support
   Rapid deployment, No software installation required as ClickPOS is purely cloud based.

Sale screen

The sale screen includes  speed buttons with two level categories so you may choose items rapidly while taking orders.

Table orders

For those that take table orders, you can use a any off the shelf wi-fi device which in turn communicates automatically to bump screen at the appropriate station.


Bump screen & dockets

The bump screen automatically displays orders placed either at main counter or table orders. It can be complimented by printing a docket.

POS hardware

Although you may use any type of POS hardware or operating system, we recommend Windows operating system, typically with  screen resolution of 1280x768 or higher. Using windows allows integration to EFTPOS terminal, and allows docket printing. A typical PC would be Microsoft Surface pro, or Sony vaio Tap 20 which is a 20inch screen to display more items.

Please contact our office for the latest product recommendations on the market.