Q. How long have you been trading?

A.    ClickPOS has been supplying management software for the telecommunications industry since 1992. Some of our clients are still with us and are listed as a reference. Throughout the years, we have proven ourselves within the mobile telephone sector and therefore gained contracts to supply some of the biggest names in the industry. These include Vodafone Australia, where in 1999, Clickpos was invited to supply all participating premium dealers. We now provide ClickPOS to other industries such as Fashion, which includes Style, Colour and Size matrix. If you feel that your operation requires specialised development, then we will be more than happy to tailor a solution for your company requirements. ClickPOS supplies to majority of Vodafone delaers in New Zealand and other countires like Sweden.

Q. Is it safe to have information floating on the internet?

A.    We have taken all possible precautions to avoid unwanted intruders gaining access. These include firewalls and other settings available on our network. ClickPOS servers are co-located at secure premises running top-of-the-range systems.

Q. Will ClickPOS use our database for any purpose?

A.    Absolutely not. We do not browse through customer information, unless required to upgrade or from time to time to find out statistical information used to evaluate system performance. We supply a Confidentiality Agreement on our website for your protection.

Q. What if the internet goes down?

A.    Since January 2000 we have had almost no real down time, except for pre-organised server maintenance shutdowns, these are usually after hours when the system is free.
However, like any other computer systems (banks etc) there are occasions when ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) system goes down, in this case, it is out of our hands. Although this occurred only for no more than 1 hour since January 2000.
In such incidents, you must always be prepared to generate manual receipts, then update ClickPOS system when the system goes back online.

Q. How often do we receive software upgrades?

A.    Upgrades are usually performed quarterly. All nominated upgrades are free, You will receive an email notice prior to upgrades, which displays all available features.

Q. How do you handle system faults?

A.    Our intelligent system keeps a log of most unforeseen bugs that may occur. Before you can get on the telephone, our support team is automatically notified.

Q. What is included in my monthly fees?

A.    Your monthly support/maintenance fees include Free Telephone support, Free upgrades, Data hosting fees and of course the use of ClickPOS Online system. Overall the benefits of having us hosting the system saves you a great deal of money, compared to having an in-house computer administrator.

Q. Can I hold my own database at my premises?

A.    Yes, we can organise to have the full system setup at your premises. In fact we encourage you to host your own system by offering cheaper monthly fees. Contact us for more details.
Here are some information on pro's and cons.

ClickPOS hosts system for you
- Your Company can enjoy reduced IT costs to bare minimal.
- We can have the system communicate with your financial system, data going out from ClickPOS to your back office.
- It costs slightly more if ClickPOS hosts. Approximately $10 per licence per month more.
- Integration to external systems : If in the future you wish for CRM or Supplier or financial system to update ClickPOS database then we cannot have the database open for you to communicate. We only push data out to external systems. Ie we cannot have other systems directly linking to database. (unless the you provide servers that are on an external IP range). Another words, you buy the servers and we host your servers at our data centers and maintain them for you, then you may have access to your systems. Shared systems : You will be sharing the resources with all other clients. That is up to 1000+ users at any given time.

You host Host ClickPOS system in-house
- Monthly fees are cheaper by approx $10 per licence, per month.
- Integration to any third party software is possible.
- System resources and access is purely for your staff, faster access.
- We can provide updates of Telstra Alliance, Integration to your Financial and other systems
- Very minimal IT staff.
- ClickPOS staff can provide service to maintain all aspects of ClickPOS operation.
- Slightly more costs involved. Although you do not need full time IT staff, you may require an external IT professional to provide IT support.
- Need your regular check of servers, backups etc.
- Costs of setting up and proprietary software. that is SQL server, Cold Fusion. etc

Q. How do I integrate ClickPOS to my accounting system?

A.    Manually update your accounting system, with the TOTAL AMOUNTS reported by ClickPOS. That is ClickPOS system has been specifically designed to keep all necessary data for retail shop owners. These include Point of sale, stock control and reconciliation of revenue from carrier. It is not an accounting system as such, so you are highly recommended to operate an accounting system parallel to ClickPOS. At the end of each day/week or month you will simply produce the required banking/stock and GST reporting and enter the total amounts into your accounting system, as a batch entry. For example at the end of each day, you can produce a banking report which will specify all money collected in each store, separating into "cash/credit/cheque etc" and you will enter the total as a Revenue into your accounting system. Another feature is to compare revenue to be collected and reconciled against the total payment from carrier as connection revenue.

Q. Does ClickPOS link with EFTPOS pin-pad terminal

A.    Yes it does. As you finalise a sale the details will be displayed on ClickPOS screen, and pass the tender amount to the pinpad. We have adopted a cutting edge technology that uses the internet to connect to the bank. This means, you don't need an extra telephone line for eftpos. There are many other advantages such as being able to view transaction of all your stores instantly. With traditional eftpos terminals this basic function is not offered.
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