Fill this form if you are a supplier that supplies products to ClickPOS clients.

ClickPOS provides ability for suppliers to have their current products available to be used by ClickPOS members via its Supplier Alliance module.
Upon receipt of this application form, we will supply you with the terms and conditions and applicable fees of Supplier Alliance.

The advantage of this service to the supplier is,
1. that your customers can add new lines of products you offer with a simple click.
2. your customers are more likely to select a wider range of products as it is extremely easy.
3. your customers can offer their customers a wider range of products, even if its not in stock. ClickPOS has function to search, sell and order products in one hit.
4. all new products will be available as its published.

There are 3 types of technology we can offer suppliers.
1. Manual upload of your products.
2. Automatic upload of your product catalogue
3. EDI link to your website, which provides product uploads as well as any Purchase Order from your website is automatically uploaded to Purchase orders on clients ClickPOS.

Please fill your details to discuss how we can automate your business process.

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