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The gallery below displays ClickPOS at various tradeshows and conferences. ClickPOS offers solution to many industries since 1999.

Food Service Australia 2015
ClickPOS showcasing its food business solution.
Food Service Australia 2015
Offering both Order Docket or Bump screen for communicating orders to kitchen, barista and bar.
Food Service Australia 2015
Colourful images of food icons on main POS screen attracted attention useful for clarity and ease of training of new staff.
March 2015 - MICE Coffee Expo - Royal Melbourne Showgrounds
The team unveiled the new speed sell buttons containing product images, in addition the coloured background boxes makes identifying products easier.
Other features included the Bump screen for barista or kitchen staff.

March 2015 - MICE Coffee Expo - Royal Melbourne Showgrounds
ClickPOS attended the Coffee Expo with many existing and upcoming cafe retailers taking interest in some of the unique features of ClickPOS. 
Our team showcased.

Telstra Licensee Association 2014 conference at Adelaide Oval Australia
ClickPOS was proud to sponsor TLA, pictured, Ozkan Sahin and Jenny Heid (GM at TLA)

Telstra Licensee Association 2014 conference at Adelaide Oval Australia
ClickPOS on big screen at Adelaide oval.

Dan Krivulin (from Telstra Store Arndale) saying Hi to ClickPOS team at the TLA conference
TLA Conference. Thanks for visiting us at the TLA conference Divinia (manager at TLS Tweed City)
Leading Edge Conference 2013, Thanking all clients that visited ClickPOS 

Telstra conference 2013
A photo opportunity with lovely Becky Baker TLS Jimboomba.
Telstra Conference 2013
The full Telstra executive team sharing their passion for the Telstra brand
Telstra Conference 2013
Ozkan and Gordon Ballantyne Telstra Executive, Chief Customer Officer
Telstra Conference 2013
Words of wisdom from Wendy McKenzie to Gordon Ballantyne- Probably telling Gordon how great ClickPOS is.
Telstra Conference 2013
Teale Bryan -Port Macquarie discussing the new features of ClickPOS
Telstra Conference 2013
Enjoying the gala dinner with Gavin Gampston and the team at ClickPOS.  
Telstra Conference 2013
Andrew Fenton and the team at Mobile Network, once again  awarded the much prized Enterprise Partner of the Year award. (Mobile Network has been using ClickPOS since 2000)
Telstra Conference 2013
Mobile Network vising with Team.
Telstra Conference 2013
Ozkan Paul Gunther, Tim Tocco, and Tom Barratt at the ClickPOS stand.
Telstra Conference 2013
Justin with Allan Green. Thank you for visiting us at the trade show.
Telstra Conference 2013
Celebrities Hamish and Andy with Jerry Cho
Telstra Conference 2013
The message from Dr Hugh Bradlow CTO, the "Trend is CLOUD SOLUTIONS"
Telstra Conference 2013
Ready to enjoy a relaxing day before conference day.
Telstra Conference 2013
Troy Perriam lined up and Andrew Wood
Xero Accounting Australian road show Feb 2013
Chris Ridd (Xero's M.Director Aust) and Ozkan sahin, presenting beautiful integration between the two systems to hundreds of Accountants around the country.
  Mixed volleyball team "Afterdark" playing at MSAC proudly wearing the new 2013 designed ClickPOS T-Shirts.
    Sample list of ClickPOS supplied retail hardware and add-ons.
2013 ClickPOS now operates on most tablet PCs.
ClickPOS operating on Microsoft Surface pro.
  Feb 2013
Telstra Shop Bendigo and the Business centre central Victoria training session.
Leading Edge Telecoms conference 2012-Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas QLD Australia
ClickPOS tream showcasing the latest developments in 2012 to leading edge members. 
  Leading Edge Telecoms conference 2012-Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas QLD Australia.
Frank from ClickPOS rubbing shoulders with a special guest, Turkish comedian Tahir Bilgic (Habib). 
Telstra Conference 2012 -Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas QLD Australia
Our presence at the Telstra conference was appreciated by many of our existing members.
  Telstra Conference 2012-Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas QLD Australia
For those that have heard high reviews about ClickPOS were keeping Justin and Frank on their toes.
Telstra Conference 2012
ClickPOS showcased many of the existing and new features of ClickPOS. New features included, Sale Speed buttons, Supplier alliance, EFTPOS integration, SMS to management, and Xero Accounting integration.
  Telstra Conference 2012.
Frank and Justin from ClickPOS ready to showcase ClickPOS features as well as new POS hardware, such as a tiny bluetooth barcode scanner, Eftpos terminal, and touch screen monitor.
2011 ClickPOS server farm
Ahmet and Brendon installing new servers to cater for growing demand.
  2011 ClickPOS server farm
High tech faclilities to serve our ClickPOS clients.
 2011 - Visit from Austrade in Europe
Austrade Istanbul BDM Ozgur Tuna, Ahmet, Ozkan and David Thomas from  Vic Gov. Discussing future plans for ClickPOS.
   2010 - Teltra shop Pines.
Opening day with Store manager Shane , celebrity Shane Crawford and Ozkan
Sept 2011 Leading Edge Conference
LET boss Eugene looking after sponsors of the conference at the wild west night.
  Sept 2011 Leading Edge Conference
CMI Accessories boss Enzo and Justin from ClickPOS enjoying few drinks at the wild west night.
 Dec 2011TLife Plenty valley Paul and Michael visiting ClickPOS office to discuss new store opening.    Nov 2011 Melbourne Albert Park Golf course
Michael from Vodafone NZ and Ahmet from ClickPOS enjoying a round of golf.
August 2010 - Brightstar Head Office 
Troy (ClickPOS), Andrew (Brightstar), Ozkan (ClickPOS), Andrew (Brightstar-Director).
ClickPOS and Brightstar have teamed up to provide the Vendor Suggested Ordering (VSO) which will be offered to Telstra dealers and licensees.
  July 2010 LET Fitzroy
Yagiz (MD), Darren (ClickPOS)
Training session at Yagiz's Leading edge outlet being held at inner suburbs of Melbourne. 
June 2010 LET St. Albans
David and his team at training session.
  May 2010 LET Head office
Group training session held at Leading Edge head office in Sydney.
Feb 2010 Yarra Bend Golf Melbourne
Ahmet having a putt while Anil Nathoo from Digital Mobile New Zealand  wishing he misses the shot.
  Feb 2010 BWA merchant services
Ozkan Sahin-Craig Troy-Ahmet Sahin-Anthony Vella,
Meet and greet with BWA merchant services boss Craig Troy and Anthony Vella (BDM)
April 2010 SugarCRM
Ozkan Sahin and one of the founders of SugarCRM, Clint Oram visiting from USA.
  March 2010 Leading Edge head office Sydney
A photo session with the team at Leading Edge after a days training. Tony Taylor, Jason Dansie,Jane Baxter, Janine Parnell, Ozkan Sahin
Jan 2010 Telstra Melbourne
Ozkan, Danielle White (Telstra - Retail Support Manager), Justin (ClickPOS).
Signing of agreement between ClickPOS and Telstra. We are excited to be officially recognised by Telstra. The agreement will open communications between the two parties in turn will improve standards for all licencees and retail owners using the ClickPOS system.
Dec 2009 TLife Salamader Bay
Heidi (Store manager), Ozkan and Suzanne Joliffe (proprietor)
Training session at the store
Sept 2009 The Pines TLife
Ozkan and Shane (store manager) celebrating opening of TLife store. 
Sept 2009 The Pines TLife
Michael (proprietor), Bienca, Jenny (Telstra) and Ozkan celebrating opening of 100th TLife store. 
Sept 2009 The Pines TLife
Michael (proprietor), David Moffett (Telstra-Director) seeing the 100th TLife store opening with personal visit. 
August 2009 Gold Coast Australia
Telstra TLS Conference Jordon Ewer, Con Loizou, Archie Mesaratis, Wayne Altus
August 2009 Gold Coast Australia
Ozkan and Albert Ma
August 2009 Gold Coast Australia
Michael Cafai (CEO of Acer Computers Australia)
August 2009 Gold Coast Australia
Gavin Gampston and Wendy McKenzie, owners of TLS Darwin
August 2009 Gold Coast Australia
Andrew from TLS Association
August 2009 Gold Coast Australia
OZkan and Paul Su from Telnet QLD
August 2009 Gold Coast Australia
Ozkan addressing the TLS Associates about the benefits of ClickPOS.
Sept 2009 Brisbane
TLS Toowong-Nigel and Stu at ClickPOS training.
Stu just taken over an existing TLS shop has decided to update his POS system to ClickPOS.
August 2009 Gold Coast Australia
ClickPOS silver sponsor of TLS association.
Jan 2009 - Telestar NSW Australia
Telestar is a leading provider in Telstra products to SME and corporates. Using ClickPOS since 2004 and now integration to their intranet and financial systems.
From left : Fai, Wilsen, Gordon, Julie (MD), Anabelle, Nicole, Rana, Ozkan
Sept 2009 Brisbane
TLS Toowong-Nigel training his team.
Fairy Tales LET Yeppoon
Nov 2008 - Fairytales Bridal Boutique - Melbourne Australia
Fairytales operates a number of prestigious stores across Melbourne and have taken ClickPOS system to manage their busy stores.

Feb 2008 - Leading Edge Yeppoon
Proprietors Richard and Robert Ludwig. Opening day at their appealing store which sets benchmark for all others to follow. They have chosen ClickPOS without hesitation.

Leading Edge Group BizFone
Jul 2008 - Leading Edge Group - NSW Australia
We are proud to have Leading Edge group using ClickPOS as the preferred solution for their corporate & tele sales departments. Leading Edge group includes over 120 retail outlets across Australia. Training session at Leading Edge Group headquarters in Sydney, with Allan Evans (GM), Michelle Clark, Anne Drane, Sarah and Ozkan Sahin

July 2008 - BizFone - NSW Australia
BizFone Australia, is a subsidiary of First Mobile New Zealand launched its operation in Australia. ClickPOS will provide reporting tool for NZ and licensee channel. From left Ozkan Sahin, Craig McMillan (Dir), Bruce Goldsmith (Dir), and Darren Lonsdale (GM)

TrendyStuff FoneBiz
Jul 2008 Trendy Stuff - Melbourne.
Trendy stuff supplies the hottest sunglasses throughout major shopping stores in Melbourne and have chosen ClickPOS to manage all aspects of business. Training session with proprietor Debbie (Top Right) and her team.
July 2007 - Biz Fone Team - Adelaide SA
Fone Biz Team user training to system administrator Franci Malvaso and Monika Novosel (Mimo consulting)
Vodafone Select-Australia ClickPOS Server farm
Feb 2008 - Vodafone Select
One of the first Vodafone Select dealers opened their doors and proudly taken on ClickPOS to manage their stores. We congratulate the proprietor Gonca on their venture
Jan 2008
The new ClickPOS servers being setup to cater for new clients.
Nov 2007 - One Zero
ClickPOS is the preferred supplier of point of sale to its One Zero Telstra dealerships across Australia. From left National Development Manager, Stuart Ponsonby and on right National Dealer Manager, Greg Young 
Jan 2008 - J2K
We would like to congratulate Eddie (left) on his new company CrossTel and appreciate his no hesitation approach when choosing ClickPOS for their 30+ retail stores.
Apr 2007 - Telstra Licenced Shop in Chatswood NSW Australia.
Fantastic looking Telstra shop open for business using ClickPOS.
Apr 2007  - Telstra Licenced Shop - Chatswood
Karen Negus, managing director - is showing her skills in professional customer service at Telstra Licenced Shop in Chatswood, NSW Australia. We congratulate her on the new venture into the mobile phone business.
Feb 2007 -  Telstra Licenced Shop QLD
Russell Meier - Director- Telstra Licenced Shop, and Ahmet Sahin, Director ClickPOS, Talking technical requirements for expansion of their dealership. Brisbane Australia
March 2007 - Digital Mobile New Zealand
Vinod Patel-Director, Digital Mobile (seated far right). ClickPOS Training session for their new dealers in South Island. Auckland New Zealand
March 2007 - Digital Mobile New Zealand
Ajay Sharma - MD, Digital Mobile and Ozkan Sahin having a few drinks after a hard days work. Since taking ClickPOS on board, Digital Mobile has grown from 4 outlets in 2003 to now 110+ stores throughout New Zealand
March 2007 - First Mobile New Zealand
David Walker - Accountant, Ozkan and Michael Toi, CEO at First Mobile, taking time off to view the scenery at their prestigious office on the viaduct in Auckland New Zealand.
March 2007 - First Mobile New Zealand
Michael Toi CEO - First Mobile showcasing the benefits of ClickPOS to the new dealers. ClickPOS was the choice for their 100+ Vodafone dealerships across New Zealand
Nov 2006, Phone Xpress - Adelaide
Jacui Skuse (Phone Xpress) and Christine Morales (ClickPOS) working together stock taking into ClickPOS. Adelaide Australia
Nov 2006 - Phone Xpress - Adelaide Australia
Matt Winen, managing director of Phone Xpress. Their 11+ stores being converted to ClickPOS system. Having a few laughs after successful implementation. Adelaide SA Australia.

March 2007 - DPS New Zealand
DPS Payment Express & ClickPOS, have formed partnership with ClickPOS in providing integrated EFTPOS. This cutting edge solution uses internet as the gateway for charging debit and credit cards at point of sale. More Details  - Auckland New Zealand
Oct 2006, GSM Vodarent Australia
GSM Vodarent State manager and team at Adelaide International Airport. GSM services major airports in Australia and New Zealand. ClickPOS has been servicing GSM since 2004
Flow ClickPOS Quicken
24/07/2006 - Quicken head office New Zealand
Partnership arrangement between (from left) Cameron Hart (MD of Flow Software New Zealand), Ozkan Sahin (MD ClickPOS) and Kerry Wood (MD of Quicken New Zealand).
This merge takes ClickPOS system to next level of service. With the help of Flow software, ClickPOS can offer no boundries when it comes to integration to popular systems such as QuickBooks or any other financial systems.
Sept 2006 - Cebit Tech show Istanbul
Cebit Eurasia Istanbul. In its sixth year, once again attracted several hundred thousand visitors. The biggest names in the industry, including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Microsoft and Vodafone.

10-05-2006 - CeBIT Australia 2006
Held annually, CeBIT Australia showcases latest products and next generation technologies and solutions.
  10-05-2006  CeBIT Australia 2006
ClickPOS at the CeBIT Australia 2006, Frank and Ozkan Sahin.
Jan 2007 - Euro Fashion - Melbourne Australia
Euro Fashion operating ClickPOS at their various stores across Melbourne Australia.
2006 - Naked Communications - Perth Australia
Graham Mays -MD, Naked Communications. Excited to change over from traditional till, to the new ClickPOS system. Perth WA Australia.

June 2007 - Directors of Mimo Consulting have visited ClickPOS office to discuss affiliation to provide Telstra dealers professional consultancy. We welcome Mimi and Monika to be a part of this Telstra Alliance. Click here for more on Mimo profile 2004- Cebit Trade Show Sydney Australia
March 2006 - Telstra Licensed Shop - Tweed Heads
Managing Director Phil Mc Donnell, Telstra Licensed Shop - Tweed Heads, and ClickPOS MD Ozkan Sahin, celebrating openning of new store.
2006 Telstra Licenced Shop - Coffs Harbour NSW.
Miss Casey Wilks (Administrator) and Ozkan Sahin at system trainig.
March 2006 - Telstra Licensed shop Westlake
Training session at Telstra Licensed shop at Westlake Telstra Licenced shop in NSW Australia. Congratulations to all staff and owners John and Hannah Thomas (from left 2nd and 4th) on their new venture
2004 AccsysIT and ClickPOS
Meeting to plan ClickPOS's future requirements for its growing needs from AccsysIT. From left Ashton Winyork (Dir), Ozkan Sahin (Dir. ClickPOS), Brendon Winters (Dir), and Ahmet Sahin (Dir. ClickPOS )
2006 Telstra Laicenced Shop - Darwin
Proprietors Gavin and Wendy at their successful retail outlet. 
2005 - Leading Edge dealer
Training session in one of the Melbourne outlets.
2007 - Ahmet Sahin attending ClickPOS's server farm.