ClickPOS & Xero  Y beautifully integrated Y

ClickPOS is proud to announce the integration to Xero accounting system. What’s unique about Xero is, it is cloud based, just like ClickPOS.  It is so easy to integrate, you search for dates, ClickPOS displays transactions, and then simply click one button to transfer the details to Xero.  All the functions you’ve been waiting for;

 Integration modules
One ClickPOS to Many Xero accounts. For those operating multiple stores that wants to keep each store or a group of stores as a seperate entity.


Visibility of transactions before and after to integration.

Batch processing of transactions grouped by account category

Timesheet App; the new Apple app allows your employees to scan in & out for purpose of transferring each timesheet to Xero payroll.

Account Customer details;
Account customer details are automatically copied to Xero as a debtor, so you can create and send statements. Any future payments from that customer are taken from ClickPOS and applied to the same debtor account.

Sales summary; which consists of total of sales, into predefined chart of accounts under sales and revenue

Purchase Summary;  As you add stock into ClickPOS, the purchase order details from suppliers invoice are uploaded. Including Supplier invoice number, Invoice due date according to terms of trade, and total purchase amount.

Supplier Credit Notes;  Any stock returns are captured against the supplier and credits amount against the supplier.
Payments List; Totals of payments tendered Eg, Cash, Eftpos, Credit card etc
Timesheet; Your employees scans their ID's directly into ClickPOS. ClickPOS integrates new Employee names and their time and attendance details to Xero Payroll.
More info on AppStore app.


How to connect to Xero via ClickPOS

Please follow the instructions below to setup your ClickPOS accounts 
   Connecting ClickPOS to Xero

    Xero Brochure 

What is Xero?

Xero is an online accounting system that is easy to use. With Xero you can access your accounts from anywhere at any time to see how your business is doing, all you need is an internet connection or smart phone.
  • Xero provides a view of financial information in real-time. There’s no need to buy expensive software and install upgrades. Xero is available on your PC or Mac in the office, at home or on popular mobile devices – anywhere, anytime.
  • Xero automatically imports your bank statements daily so you can keep abreast of your cashflow. Xero has a full suite of accounting features such as invoicing, payables, expense claims, GST, tax returns, reporting and much more.
  • The beauty of Xero is you can invite a number of trusted people such your accountant, to collaborate online, eliminating cumbersome transfer of data that can be corrupted or is out-of-date.

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