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This form is to be filled in by the existing owner.
Fill this form if you are changing ownership of one of your stores. Please specify what (if any) data is to be transferred to the new owner.

If you have only one store, then the transfer can happen in two ways.
1. You keep existing login for a period of time, to have access after settlement for reporting purposes. This means we will create a brand new system for the new owner. OR
2. You transfer the existing login details to the new owner. This means your ability to access system is at the is at the discretion of new owner.

If you have multiple stores and selling only one store.
In this case we will create a brand new database for the new owner and if data is to be transferred, we will extract it from your existing database and copy to new owners system.
We will remove the access for this store from your system on the SETTLEMENT DATE unless you nominate a future date in the KEEP MY LOGIN UNTIL DATE. At any stage, you will be able to use the REPORTS to view past sales list, but you will not be able to use stock or sales. If you want to use sales and stock options, then its best to keep the store until such time you nominate a date to remove the store.

Creation of new system will incur normal New Company setup fees, charged to the new owner. Other fees for data transfer etc will be charged to the new owner 
If you require access to your system, you may reduce the licence to one store licence and you are require to notify cancellation of system thereafter 

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