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Employee Timesheet & Attendance 


Use your Apple device to scan employee attendance and record their timesheet for processing payroll.

What is Timesheet

Timesheet uses cloud to capture your employees time of attendance, whether at office or on-the-road, captures date/time, geographical location on google maps, and a photo of the employee.
The manager can view real-time of all employees attendance on various locations.

Industry applications

The timesheet is not limited to employees, it has many applications, such as scan students school attendance, or tourism industry for tracking head count for members boarding a vehicle, or construction industry scanning in employees and equipment.  


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 Features include

 An iOS  App to capture attendance. Use iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch. Employee scans Id using printed QR code, or save ID to own smart phone for punch in and out.

 Advanced image capture and geographical location. Optional features allowing a photo of employee and a Google map location of scan location, These options can be switched on or off from the app.

 A web application to maintain employees, verification, reporting and optional integration to MYOB or Xero accounting payroll systems.

 Timesheet is Cloud based, system can be up and going in a matter of minutes and have access to employee from any mobile device.  

 Supports multiple locations, Create multiple offices, locations, departments and report by each group.

 Security The application is encrypted using SSL encryption which ensures all data is safely captured.

Using the Timesheet App

Simply use recommended Apple iphone, or ipad as a scanning device to capture employees time start and finish times.
The device can be a central unit to control all employee attendance. For employees located out of office, may download 
the app to own device and scan any time at the job location.  

Employee scans ID, System records 
date/time, branch, takes photo 
& geo location via google maps 

View employee status

Administrator Tools
View summary of attendance per location

Drill down to employee


View geographical location of where 
employee scanned in


Off-site tracking

Configure settings on each device


 Displays confirmation of attendance
Option to add notes or select a job reference

The Administration Web App

Using a web browser, login to your account to add employees, print employee ID's, view, report or verify employee attendance. 

The Payroll integration add-on makes it a breeze to integrate directly to MYOB or Xero accounting payroll. 

1. Login to Web application

2. Add employees, default location, pay rates etc.

3. At end of each day, week, verify the hours worked and report on each employee attendance

4. For those with Add-On to integrate MYOB or Xero accounting, simply use the integrate button to forward hours for processing payroll.